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The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice

The Bloomsbury Psychotherapy Practice - London



Group-analytic psychotherapy is offered during the week or in week-end block groups. Entry to the groups is through interview and individual sessions for preparation.

The benefits of group therapy: are well established in a reliable literature.
Group therapy caters for a wide range of issues including:-
High dependency need: recovery from serious/enduring mental or physical illness and addiction or substance misuse.
Reactions to traumatic life events: including adult consequences of child sexual abuse.
Relationship and character problems: including recurrent broken relationships or intractable conflicts.
Sexuality: problems of gender, sexuality and orientation.
Problems of identity and meaning:
Occupational issues: and career problems.

These groups also provide a training base for psychotherapists and for those who might have previously found their way to growth and understanding through individual psychoanalysis.

Group therapy during the week: We offer two twice-weekly groups meeting in the evenings and a once-weekly group meeting in the early morning. Further groups are at the planning stage.

Week-end block groups: Do you seek reliable psychotherapy, would consider joining a group but have circumstances in your life which make this impossible? Perhaps you have a demanding working life, live too far from London, or outside the UK? Perhaps you are a professional in the field in search of further development?

We meet for a week-end of intensive group sessions:
We meet 6 times in the course of the year, that is every two months.
Each week-end meeting provides 6 group sessions.
Each session lasts 90 minutes. There are some 8 people in a group.
In 2012 groups were in May, July, September and December.
In 2013 meetings of the current programme will be in January and March.

The next programme begins in May and continues until March 2014.