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The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice


Couple Therapy can help if you

  • are stuck in a relationship that you feel is not going anywhere
  • argue a lot about everything – and perhaps in front of the children
  • worry that you drink too much, alone or with your partner

Or you might have

  • suffered a distressing loss
  • discovered your partner is having an affair
  • had a new baby and find yourselves struggling
  • lost sexual desire

The issues you are facing might include

  • children leaving home
  • unemployment
  • retirement
  • death of a parent or child
  • stress of relocation through work
  • separation or divorce

Are you a couple with serious or persistent relationship problems? Conflict; poor communication; not getting on; loss of trust; secrecy? Our partnerships can be the most vital or most troubling areas of our lives.

Perhaps you’ve been affected by loss or illness, with serious consequences for life at home? 
A recent bereavement; a worrying diagnosis; problems with children; coping with ageing parents; threat of redundancy; moving home? The strains of living can take a serious toll on life with our loved ones.

Is there an issue that troubles you in the intimate areas of your life? 
You may be a heterosexual or same-sex couple.

You may be a couple who need professional help to mediate in separation?

You may be a couple who want to make a good life together more rewarding?

Our Forum for Couples In Trouble could help you find the solutions you have been looking for. 

Couples will be seen promptly for an immediate assessment with one or two experienced couples therapists. They may be offered short-term or long-term couples therapy, depending on need. One or both members of the partnership may be offered therapy on their own, or in a therapy group for individuals or for couples.

Some couples may be invited to join a group for couples in trouble – a resource unique to this agency. Some couples groups will be meeting each week at the same time. Other couples groups will provide a concentrated programme of sessions on the same day of the week each month.

We also offer brief psychotherapy for couples who would like to look at a specific area of difficulty that has arisen in an otherwise happy relationship.


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